Donald Trump Facing Defamation Lawsuit From Former Apprentice & Sexual Assault Accuser — Find Out Why Gloria Allred Is Saying ‘Time Is Up’!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in YUGE trouble!

On Tuesday, feminist lawyer Gloria Allred announced her client’s decision to file a defamation lawsuit in New York against Drumpf. The woman in question, former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, is just one of the many women who accused the President-elect of sexual misconduct prior to his November win.

As we previously reported, Zervos came forward after the Billy Bush tapes were leaked claiming the President-elect forced himself on her in his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow back in 2007 — allegations which Trump adamantly denied, even calling her a “liar.”

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In the shocking press conference hosted by Ms. Allred on Tuesday, Summer urged the 70-year-old to issue a retraction of both his statement that her allegations against him are false AND his threat to sue all of his sexual assault accusers:

“Mr. Trump stated that after the election he would file lawsuits against me and the other accusers he sexually assaulted … [I have been] threatened, bullied and saw my business targeted.”

Allred went on to say that Miz Zervos has given Trump two months to issue a retraction, and the “time is up.”

Watch the businesswoman’s statement (below):

So, if Donald admits Zervos is telling the truth about being “subjected to unwanted sexual touching,” and retracts his statement suggesting otherwise, the lawsuit will be dropped.

Zervos is seeking minimal damages “because what we really want is to prove is that defamation has taken place,” according to Allred.


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Gloria ended the conference by announcing that she and Summer will both be attending the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday with other unnamed women accusing Trump of sexual assault.

We will keep you updated as we await a response from Drumpf’s camp (AKA refreshing Twitter — ha!).

As a side note, Zervos took and passed a lie detector test before addressing the media… maybe we should insist the President-elect does the same??

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Jan 17, 2017 3:59pm PDT

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