VOTE: Emma Watson Turned Down Playing Cinderella Because She Thinks Belle Is A Better ‘Role Model’ — Do YOU Agree??

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She really is a funny girl.

Emma Watson has a lot of respect for her Beauty and the Beast character, but that doesn’t mean she feels the same way about ALL the Disney princesses!

In a new interview, the actress — who will be playing Belle in the upcoming remake — revealed she passed on playing Cinderella in the 2015 live-action retelling of the Disney animated classic!

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The 26-year-old explained that she felt the character of Belle “resonated” with her much more than Cinderella (who was played by Lily James in the remake) — because she finds the beautiful bookworm to be a much better role model.

Speaking to Total Film, she said:

“I didn’t know they were going to make Beauty and the Beast at the time I turned down Cinderella. But when they offered me Belle, I just felt the character resonated with me so much more than Cinderella did├óΓé¼┬ª [Belle] remains curious, compassionate and open-minded. And that’s the kind of woman I would want to embody as a role model, given the choice.”

Since the general story of Beauty and the Beast is about Belle falling in love with her captor, we have to agree with the “open-minded” part. LOLz!

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Watson added that she found certain qualities of Belle’s character to be “inspiring,” like her fearlessness and integrity. She continued:

“There’s this kind of outsider quality that Belle had, and the fact she had this really empowering defiance of what was expected of her. In a strange way, she challenges the status quo of the place she lives in, and I found that really inspiring. She manages to keep her integrity and have a completely independent point of view. She’s not easily swayed by other people’s perspective├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥not swayed by fear-mongering or scapegoating.”

Very philosophical, Emma! We have a feeling Belle would agree.

But do YOU? Vote (below) on which princess you think is the better role model — and check out Beauty and the Beast in theaters March 17.

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Jan 17, 2017 6:54pm PDT

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