Kim Kardashian Loses Big In Kim Kardashian Trivia Game! Watch Her Get Schooled By A Big Fan — Then Gift Him With A Paris-Themed Selfie!

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We understand being in front of a camera can make you freeze up, but shouldn’t she be used to it by now?!

On Monday, Big Fan, ABC‘s new trivia show that pits celebs against fans to answer questions about themselves, featured the ALWAYS AH-Mazing Kim Kardashian West.

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We loved seeing all the HIGHlarious moments of Kim completely embarrassing herself!

Not only did the 36-year-old NOT know her engagement ring’s carat count — she thought it was 12 (host Andy Richter revealed it was ACTUALLY 15), but Kim’s “Big Fan” Colt DID know the answer…

Watch Kim drop the rock (below)!

If that wasn’t bad enough, the KUWTK star ended up losing to Colt 2 -7 after he answered questions regarding the name of Kim’s single (Turn It Up) and where she had her 14 birthday (Michael Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch — omg how do you forget that??).

As for the questions Miz Kardashian West was able to ring in and answer before Colt, well, she got Saint’s weight when he was born (eight pounds one ounce) and who her senior prom date was (TJ Jackson).

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Aside from the trivia, the show also gave us some real Kimmy insights!

When Richter asked the pair what kind of car Kim bought for Yeezy, Colt was the one who rang in saying, “A $400K Lamborghini,” but Kim gave us the better response: “He deserved it.” We’re sure he did!

The reality star also admitted she’s “mortified” by her onscreen death in Disaster Movie! Aw, being killed in B horror movies is one of the perks, gurl! What? It’s a comedy?? Oh, geez…

Unsurprisingly, Colt won the competition, receiving prizes like taking staged selfies with star. Oddly, the pair took photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. Talk about a WEIRD coincidence seeing as how this was all the way back in April — before her scary Paris robbery!

Colt later took to Instagram to share a pic of himself taking a selfie with Kim during the airing of the show. So meta!

What did you think of Kim’s Big Fan appearance? Could YOU have beat Kim at her own game??

[Image via ABC.]

Jan 17, 2017 9:56am PDT

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