Desperate Scalper Details His Failed Attempts To Sell Donald Trump Inauguration Tickets In Strange, Sad Facebook Saga!

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We guess this it what you get for trying to profit off of evil!

As we previously reported, Donald Trump‘s upcoming Inauguration ceremony on January 20 is looking like an embarrassing sh*t show.

From a ton of A-Listers refusing to perform at the event to a large number of protests in the works, things are NOT looking good for Drumpf.

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While it’s hard to imagine how things could get any worse for the President-elect, a scalper in New York named Yossi Rosenberg just revealed how dire the situation actually is. Apparently the entrepreneur is having the WORST TIME trying to offload two inauguration tickets for $700 dollars!

Rosenberg, who is a Democrat and has NO interest in attending the disaster, has been taking to Facebook to detail his ongoing saga with the un-sellable tickets. Each post is more desperate and hilarious than the last!

Ch-ch-check out Yossi’s failed attempts to sell the tickets (below)!

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

Attempt #3:

Ha! We’re dying over the romantic setup in the third post!

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Following Yossi’s realization that he might not be able to sell the tix, he threatened to sell them on “white nationalist” websites… a promise he actually made good on.

Take a look at the last-ditch effort (below):

In a shocking twist, the “white nationalists” didn’t bite. Either Rosenberg is asking for too much (scalpers are selling tickets between $175-$400 dollars on Craigslist), or Trump has already lost a big chunk of his fan base.

On January 16, the frustrated scalper shared his final plea, imploring potential buyers to partake in the “monumental experience” no matter their party affiliation.

Check out the desperate essay (below)!


No matter what happens with the tickets, it’s clear Yossi is losing friends and respect for trying to make money off an American tragedy.

So, what do YOU make of Yossi’s situation?

[Image via Facebook/WENN/Joel Ginsburg]

Jan 18, 2017 2:27pm PDT

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