Ivanka Trump Will Reportedly Be Donald Trump’s ‘Closest Adviser’ In The White House — See What Unprecedented ‘Responsibilities’ She’ll Have!

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Ivanka Trump‘s brothers may be taking over Donald Trump‘s businesses, but the incoming First Daughter will soon have a more coveted role in Washington: the presidential babysitter!

Despite a federal anti-nepotism law preventing the 35-year-old from holding an official White House position in her father’s administration, it’s been reported that Ivanka will “unofficially” serve as “Donald’s closest adviser” in the Oval Office.

A source close to the young entrepreneur told Us Weekly that the bronzed businessman “looks to Ivanka for advice and consultation on almost everything.”

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Over the course of Trump’s campaign, the former model evolved into his most trusted consultant — and apparently, that close relationship will continue after the golden politician takes office.

It’s already been reported the mother-of-three will move to the nation’s capital with husband Jared Kushner, who will officially serve as one of Donald’s senior advisers.

But while Kushner may have the title, it’s reportedly his wife who will have the president’s ear. Family friend and Avenue magazine columnist R. Couri Hay explained:

“Donald made the best deal for his daughter. The boys get the multibillion-dollar company, and Ivanka gets Washington.”

Of course, Ivanka’s babysitting adviser duties won’t stop at giving the incoming POTUS advice. Insiders say the businesswoman also has a way of calming her hot-tempered father down, explaining:

“She balances him out. She learned to keep her mouth shut and just let him get it off his chest. She then rationally explains other points of view.”

Well, someone’s gotta talk him out of live tweeting at Saturday Night Live every week!

Though her track record isn’t that great so far…

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With Melania Trump choosing to stay at the family’s NYC penthouse until Barron Trump finishes school, Ivanka will also take on some First Lady duties. Hay added:

“She will be at State functions. I think Melania is very happy to share those responsibilities with Ivanka.”

It looks like the Trumps are giving a whole new meaning to First Family. What do YOU think of Ivanka’s potential role in the White House?

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN/CBS.]

Jan 18, 2017 10:11am PDT

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