Heads Up, Protesters! D.C. Police Are Ready To Handle Mass Arrests At Donald Trump’s Inauguration!

donald trump inauguration update

This is a heads up for all of the people planning to protest in D.C. during Donald Trump‘s inauguration…

Reportedly, the D.C. police are more than prepared to process the mass arrests they plan to make during the highly publicized political event. How?

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Well, according to TMZ, the nation’s capital will be littered with mobile booking stations. It’s said these stations will allow the po-po to issue citations and book those disturbing the peace. *eye roll* The Trumpster is disturbing our peace of mind, can he be arrested?

Although, it’s believed these stations will also make it easier for law enforcement to release those they’ve booked. Hey, this means you won’t be stuck in jail ALL DAY for exercising your rights… so, at least, there’s that!

Now the new laws in D.C. protect peaceful protesters and the cops have been allegedly educated on how to handle these demonstrations. AKA, the police have been told not to move in too quickly onto those peaceful demonstrating their disdain for Drumpf!

Nonetheless, if ANY violence pops up among the different protests, the local law enforcers are ready to pounce. Specifically, major crimes like assault or battery will result in a trip to jail — thus overcrowding will likely happen. In short: if arrested at the inauguration try to get processed at one of the mobile stations!

P.S. The inauguration will have around 5,000 National Guard members and 3,000 cops doing surveillance throughout the city. Be safe!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Jan 19, 2017 7:15am PDT

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