Donald Trump’s ‘A-List’ Artists Defend Their Inauguration Performances!

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Not every musician is too proud to play for Donald Trump!

After the golden politician had trouble getting A-list talent to sing at his Friday inauguration, it was looking like the only performance of the ceremony would be Trump pretending to seem presidential.

Eventually, the bronzed businessman managed to secure some notable performers at his inaugural, but even those B-list musicians dropped out over the backlash they received.

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Now descending to the depths of obscure R&B singers and oh-yeah-I-forgot-about-them rock bands, Trump has seemingly found loyal musicians who are very excited to perform… not for him, of course — but for the country!

Both 3 Doors Down and Chrisette Michele have gotten heat after signing on for the orange troll’s swear-in ceremony, but the band and singer want you to know they aren’t doing it for incoming POTUS.

Leaving rehearsal at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night, frontman Brad Arnold kept a sunny disposition on the performance, telling TMZ that playing the gig was “all about America.” The Kryptonite singer explained:

“We love America, man, it’s a great experience. It’s a great honor to be here, and we’re proud to be here.”

Michele shared a similar sentiment on Twitter, responding to the racially-charged criticism she received after agreeing to sing for the racist Republican.

Early Thursday morning, the soulful singer posted a message about refusing to stay silent and explained she was merely “representing” the black community, sharing:

Mmmm… we don’t know if being Trump’s token black singer is representation, but who knows? Maybe she has some Beyonc├â┬⌐-style Formation performance up her sleeve to flip the bird at Trump’s racist platform!

[Image via Isabel Schiffler/Future Image/Dennis Van Tine/WENN.]

Jan 19, 2017 2:08pm PDT

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