Dear Miss Belgium, This Is So Messed Up!!!!

romanie schotte is a racist

Miss Belgium 2017 is in some SERIOUSLY hot water!

Last week, a 19-year-old model named Romanie Schotte was crowned Miss Belgium.

Unfortunately, her happy coronation was quickly tainted with scandal after she was called out for being racist on social media. EEK!

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In a now deleted post on Instagram, the beauty queen was caught agreeing with a user who made a derogatory remark about a black man in the background of her photo. Thankfully, one diligent Twitter user shared the image (below).

miss belgium is a racist

Yup, some commenter dropped an N-bomb, and instead of berating and/or blocking him immediately like any decent person would do, she said “I know.”

PLUS homegirl used the poop emoji to describe the human being in her pic. Like so rudeeeee!

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Not surprisingly, the Internet is FURIOUS.

Prior to the brunette beauty turning off the comments on IG, fans were FLOODING the pageant expert’s account with poop emojis. It’s not just on the picture sharing site either, as poop emojis began surfacing on Schotte’s Facebook page (below) as well.

miss belgium is a racist

Well played, trolls. Well played!

The craziest thing about this whole situation? Miss Belgium doesn’t even know why she’s being accused of being racist — AND tried to defend that since her dad worked in Africa she COULDN’T hate black people. Like, whaaaaaaat?

In a statement from Monday, Romanie explained:

“I am open to all cultures and for all people. My dad spends most of his time working in Africa. How could I be racist? I’m very sorry if I have hurt some people by my reaction to somebody’s post. I wish to apologize to all those who feel attacked.”

Romanie buried herself deeper by defending to the Belgian press that she thought the emoji was a “smiley face” and/or a “chocolate ice cream.” C’mon, SRSLY?!?

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While chatting with Gazet Van Antwerpen, she added:

“If a white man had been sitting behind me, I had just posted the same├óΓé¼┬ªI should have thought better and not responded to the reaction of the follower.”

Nope, that’s not how it works. You still playfully responded to a racist comment. Not surprisingly, a petition has since been started to have Schotte de-crowned. They’ve already surpassed the 5,000 signatures they requested. Oh dang!

Thankfully, a Belgian government agency called UNIA is also investigated the matter as they told the Brussels Times they despise “this commonplace racism which remains a daily reality in Belgium.”

[Image via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.]

Jan 19, 2017 2:58pm PDT

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