Mini-Taylor Swift Xia Vigor’s Mom Claps Back At Piers Morgan For Calling Her Daughter’s Performance ‘Creepy’!

xia vigor claps back at piers

Xia Vigor has skyrocketed to international fame pretty much overnight!

As you may recall, we were more than obsessed with this seven-year-old’s Taylor Swift impression on the Philippine TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids. Not only did little Miz Vigor NAIL T.Swizzle’s facial expressions while singing You Belong With Me, but the youngster totally owned that stage like a pro.

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With almost 5 million having tuned in to watch her performance, Xia’s remained shockingly humble throughout this whole experience. The schoolgirl dished to

“My dream has come true. I really, really love what I’m doing. I feel so excited because people in every country are watching me. When I perform on stage, I always say to myself: ‘Xia, do your best.'”

Awwwww! But while most people adored the young’un’s precocious performance, Vigor’s number did get criticism for being too sexual for a tiny tot to perform. Piers Morgan led the charge by calling Xia’s presentation “creepy.” WHAT??

This obviously upset Xia’s mother, who clapped back:

“I think it’s very unfair to be judged in that way. He doesn’t know me. It’s very harsh to say something like that when you don’t know the full story. Piers Morgan is a journalist. He should be more intelligent. You have to know both sides before commenting.”

DAYUMMMMM! She continued:

“The show is pure entertainment… I’m very religious and I will never, never allow Xia to be sexualized or be exploited in any way. I want her to have what she wants but I don’t want her to suffer like the other famous child actors. I don’t want her to go through that. I just want her to be happy.”

Snap! Snap!

Xia certainly has an intense schedule though, as she jumps between filming and her other production commitments. In case you didn’t know, Vigor first rose to fame in the Philippines by appearing on a show called Mini Me, where she impersonated Selena Gomez. And it appears as though Selly G is still an inspiration for Xia, as she added:

“My dream has come true, because now I’m an actress and I’m dressing up and singing and dancing. When I’m grown up, I want to be a pop star like Selena Gomez. And I want to live in England.”

Girl, we bet you can do anything you set your mind to! The young artist is definitely on her way to becoming a household name as she spends every weekday morning in class and then films in the afternoons for which ever show she’s working on at the moment. Shockingly, Vigor only makes ├é┬ú80 (roughly $98.40) per TV appearance!

Still, despite offers to take on bigger and better projects, Xia claims she’s “not ready for Hollywood.” Fair, but Tinseltown is ready for her!

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Jan 19, 2017 11:13am PDT

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