Someone From Donald Trump’s Social Media Team Is Probably Gonna Get Fired…

donald trump twitter banner inauguration pic

Off to a great start. *eye roll*

On Friday, Donald Trump officially took over the POTUS Twitter handle since it was Inauguration Day and all. Whomp, whomp.

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However, it appears as though the Orange Anus’ team made a slight error when updating the account as — for a bit — the page featured a banner (below) from one of Barack Obama‘s inaugurations. C’mon, we can’t make this stuff up!

donald trump uses obama inauguration pic on twitter

Yes, the background image in the screenshot (above) is a snap from Michelle Obama‘s husband’s 2009 swearing in ceremony. What is up with the Trumps stealing stuff from the Obamas and pawning it off like their own ideas? Smh.

Thankfully, the Full Frontal With Samantha Bee social media team had the perfect clap back for the Trumpster about the error. Not only did they call out Donald for the online hiccup, but they also shaded the President over the fact that practically NO ONE attended his big day! They shared:

You’d think since the 70-year-old LOVES Twitter, his handlers would’ve been more thorough. Regardless, Drumpf has finally changed the banner to a picture of himself, standing alone:

donald trump uses obama inauguration pic on twitter

How accurate!

Now, if you’re already missing former President Obama’s inspirational messages, there’s no need to fret as his Twitter account has been saved as @POTUS44. Phew!

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 20, 2017 2:58pm PDT

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