As If Today Isn’t Bad Enough, J.K. Rowling Just Crushed Your Cursed Child Dreams!

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J.K. Rowling has some bad news, Potterheads!

Harry Potter fans were blessed with another magical Hogwarts adventure in the form of a two-part play when the Cursed Child made its debut last year.

Since the acclaimed stage production was a hit with critics and die hard fans, rumors quickly swirled that the spellbinding story was already in talks to be adapted to the big screen!

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Insiders even hinted that the original trio — Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint — were already being coaxed to reprise their roles as adult Harry, Hermione, and Ron for the future installment.

Speaking on the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, journalist and historian Jim Hill — who is apparently connected with the film departments at Disney and Universal Studios — said:

“I have heard that Warner Bros has actually had conversations with [Emma], with Rupert, and, of course, Daniel about Cursed Child, because they want this to be, for lack of a better term, Harry Potter: The Force Awakens. They want this trilogy of movies to have the actors that we know and love from the original films, that we watched grow up, as adults.”

Wow, that sounds too good to be true! And apparently… it is.

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The Potterverse mastermind herself straight up denied the rumored movie trilogy on Friday, killing all hope with a Dementor’s-kiss-of-a-tweet:

Well, there goes that pipe dream!

Although the author could just be playing it coy for now, as Hill speculated the potential Cursed Child movie wouldn’t be released until 2026 — two years after the fifth and final Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film and long after Donald Trump‘s stint in office.

So… maybe we shouldn’t abandon all hope just yet?

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Jan 20, 2017 3:52pm PDT

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