That Didn’t Take Long! Trump’s Administration Wipes The LGBT Community Off The Official White House Website!

donald trump white house site changes

We’re really in Trump’s America now.

Donald Trump and his administration just made their thoughts on LGBT rights abundantly clear as they’ve wiped all existence of the community off the White House‘s website. SRSLY?

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Not even a day into power and this Republican president has already isolated a major faction of the United States population. So gross.

Initially, under Barack Obama, major legislative achievements for the gay and transgender communities were celebrated with their own page (below).

donald trump website change

Previously, this portal shone a light on the impactful It Gets Better campaign and also updated voters on policy changes and big court victories involving the community’s rights — often for the better too. Talk about a Camelot!

Now, when you arrive at the WH’s official site, you are greeted by a pop up which asks you to sign up for updates about the new prez. We don’t need updates, we can just check his Twitter. Lolz!

Obviously, the link has since been deactivated and one can’t even search for ANYTHING about LGBT rights on the site. If you need visual proof, take a look at our attempt (below).

donald trump website change

Of course, this deletion may just be an error due to the transitional period. However, since Drumpf picked Anti-LGBT politician Mike Pence to be his VP, we doubt it.

Not to mention, this isn’t the only group the Orange Anus’ team is choosing to ignore as climate change has all but disappeared too. We mean, see the evidence for yourself:

donald trump website change

Ugh. So ridiculous.

What do YOU think? Are you shocked to see this info disappearing?

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Jan 20, 2017 2:43pm PDT

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