Hmmm… Where Have We Seen Donald Trump’s Inauguration Cake Before???

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As if Melania Trump plagiarizing a speech from Michelle Obama wasn’t enough, The Donald’s team couldn’t even get an original cake for his inaugural ball last night!!

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That’s right — the cake you probably saw at Trump’s Washington, D.C. event on Friday night was plagiarized from one made for Barack Obama during his inauguration four years ago!!

Not. Even. Kidding.

Duff Goldman — cake creator extraordinaire and TV baking legend — tweeted this (below) comparing Trump’s cake from last night to the one Goldman made for Obama in 2013:


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Like, literally down to the last fucking star on the very top of the cake, this thing is a tier-for-tier rip-off of the Obama cake from his last inauguration.

Here’s the best (worst?) part of this whole thing, though: according to TMZ, the baker who baked this cake was asked to straight up plagiarize Obama’s 2009 offering.

Uh… What??

The bake shop told the media:

“While we most love creating original designs, when we are asked to replicate someone else’s work we are thrilled when it is a masterpiece like this one.”

That’s… weird.

Who asked to copy it, then?! Like, The Donald himself?? LOLz!!!

Trump’s America!!

Jan 21, 2017 4:32pm PDT

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