If People In Freakin’ Antarctica Are Protesting On Day One Of Your Presidency, You Might Be An Asshole

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Title says it all…

As we’ve been covering all day today, people all over the world are protesting Donald Trump‘s presidency, clapping back at his inauguration, and generally marching to promote equality, liberty, and justice — you know, the stuff enshrined in our Constitution.

The Donald probably isn’t crazy about all this (but he hasn’t tweeted anything yet!), but the rest of us are LOVING it!!

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And now, we can report that it isn’t just big cities around America, or around the world, that are part of the protests!

That’s right — protests and women’s marches are happening on literally every single continent now with the addition of a group on Antarctica!!

You read that right… fucking ANTARCTICA!!!

Ch-ch-check out these picture highlights from Linda Zunas, one of the women taking part in #WomensMarchAntarctica, below:


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Obviously, as they make it clear with those tweets and pics, this particular Women’s March (and a good deal of the marches all around the world!) are more pro-woman, pro-equality, and pro-justice than they are anti-Trump.

But make no mistake — this is sending a message.

Plus penguins! Cute penguins! Ha!!

Jan 21, 2017 5:14pm PDT

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