Women’s March On Washington Draws HUGE Crowds — Much Bigger Than The Donald’s Inauguration!

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Ooooh, this is gonna make Donald Trump so angry… which means it’s a good thing!!

The Women’s March is taking place in Washington, D.C. right now, and the people are motivated, the crowds are HUGE, and the new President had better be on notice!!

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You see, while the President was having his boring-as-hell inaugural ball last night, hundreds of thousands of women in D.C. — and in dozens of other cities around the country (and the world!) — were preparing to pop off this morning and send a message!

And boy, are they ever!!

Ch-ch-check out all the early highlights from the march this morning, starting with some video of it on the National Mall (below)!!!


The place has been packed all day with people coming into D.C. by the bus-load (below):

And if you think, “oh, well, that’s just one train car, surely the whole thing isn’t this busy…” we’ve got news for you!

Full capacity at multiple march entrances means there are a TON of people in D.C. to make their voices heard (below):

Girl power!!!

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Get a nice little stream of live updates for the entire thing, right here, right as they happen (below):

And best believe that Hillary Clinton is gonna show her support for the cause!

Here’s what she had to say about the Women’s March earlier this morning (below):

Oh, and it’s not just D.C.!

Marches are going off right now in cities across the country — Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, south Florida — and also across the globe!!

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Here’s a shot of a Women’s March in Amsterdam (below), as well as the U.K. after that:

This is the best!!!

So what has The Donald had to say about all this??

Well, his last tweet was fired off a few hours ago, late in the night, and — of course — it was all about him (below):

But you just KNOW this shit has to be burning him right up!!!

Here’s how we like to imagine he’s feeling about the Women’s March having much better crowds than his pathetically-attended inauguration day (below):


That’s it! That’s exactly it!!

Love it!!

What about U, Perezcious readers?! Did any of you go to a Women’s March today??

Tell us about it in the comments (below)!!!

Jan 21, 2017 10:49am PDT

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