Piers Morgan: Still Awful

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Is this even a surprise?

American TV has-been Piers Morgan is straight up melting down on Twitter today, criticizing the Women’s March on Washington and calling for his own men’s march in a desperation ploy to troll for Donald Trump desire to seek out any kind of relevancy he can find.

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The former CNN host took to the social network late last night and dropped a few gems in about the march, starting here and going forward (below):

Edgy! Cool! Fiery! Sharp! Witty!

Ha! Just kidding! Those are bad tweets and they are dumb!

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So, in other words, that’s vintage Piers Morgan-type stuff!

Fortunately, the push-back from those all around the Twittersphere was MUCH better than Morgan’s own awful tweets, as you can see here:


You got owned, Piers. Owned!!

Gotta say, all around, today is a GREAT day!!!

Jan 21, 2017 2:20pm PDT

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