Donald Trump Claps Back At Protesters In A Series Of Early Morning Tweets — Uh-Oh!

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He really can’t help himself, can he?!

Donald Trump took to Twitter again early this morning to address the controversies that had been brewing around his new Presidency over the last 24 hours, and, well, he’s really something.

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The orange Commander-In-Chief started off by discussing his visit to the CIA yesterday (you know, the place where he lied like a dog about how popular his inauguration coverage had been), and tweeted this milquetoast message about the event:

Ok… pretty boring!

And then, in the next couple hours, he hauled off and tweeted a series of missives aimed at protesters from the Women’s March on Washington, as well as his pathetic television ratings — you know, because The Donald cant possibly handle any criticism whatsoever!

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Here they all are, in full (below):

Oh, Donald.

Did one of your handlers get to your Twitter account and ask you to tone it down a bit?

This definitely isn’t as fiery as his Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasting the election ratings yesterday! LOLz!!

Jan 22, 2017 11:24am PST

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