Hey Justin, Do You Like The Weeknd’s Music?

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It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is a little bitter about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd getting together.

And if you didn’t believe that up until now, just wait until you hear how the Biebs feels about the Starboy!!!

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TMZ caught up with Justin this weekend out and about one night, and the 22-year-old did not hold back when asked about The Weeknd getting with his ex-girlfriend!!

When a cameraman asked the Biebs how he feels about The Weeknd’s music, Justin responded:

“Hell no, I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That shit’s wack.”


How do you really feel, though, Justin??

We can just hear Kellyanne Conway spin it now: “Actually, the alternative facts state that Justin Bieber loves The Weeknd’s music.”


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Jan 22, 2017 4:32pm PDT

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