No Spanish In America Under Trump — White House Website Quietly Removed Spanish Language Option

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After purging the White House website of the bad gays and the bad scientists, Donald Trump is finally dealing with those pesky bad hombres.

Shortly after the racist Republican took office on Friday, content on the White House’s website was significantly reduced to mirror Trump’s administration: white, stubborn, and homo-repressed.

Over the weekend, users noticed that the website’s sitemap — the list of text links at the bottom of each page to direct people to relevant pages — was missing over 60% of its links available just hours before under Barack Obama‘s administration.

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Aside from the LGBT and Global Warming sections notably missing, the most concerning change is the site is no longer available in Spanish!

Early Friday,‘s sitemap contained 114 links, including links ranging from “Rural” to “Women” to “Cuba” — and an “En Espa├â┬▒ol” option at the bottom:

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But after Trump’s inauguration, the site is much shorter with only 38 links; in place of the “En Espanol” option are links to pages of Trump’s branding and policy positions — titled “America First Energy Plan,” “America First Foreign Policy,” “Bringing Back Jobs And Growth,” “Making Our Military Strong Again”:

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We’re still waiting for the link to “Alternative Facts.

This sitemap change says a lot about Trump’s nationalist platform. We wouldn’t expect a president who wants to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico to allow the White House website to be available in Spanish.

Though we wouldn’t be surprised if a “├É┬¥├É┬░ ├æΓé¼├æ╞Æ├æ┬ü├æ┬ü├É┬║├É┬╛├É┬╝” (“In Russian”) option discreetly popped up in the next few months…

[Image via The White House.]

Jan 23, 2017 11:14am PST

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