Ellen DeGeneres Defends Watching A Dog’s Purpose After Controversial Abuse Video!

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We were shocked by the behind-the-scenes video of a scared dog being forced into churning water on the set of the upcoming film A Dog’s Purpose.

And according to Ellen DeGeneres, so was she. But she’s surprisingly still on the movie’s side!

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On Monday’s show, the beloved host had star Dennis Quaid on to talk about the movie, which she said she absolutely loved. But she also took a moment to address the (probably abused) elephant in the room, asking the Parent Trap star to comment on the controversy.

Dennis talked about his own experience on set, which sounded a far cry different from the second unit video, saying:

“I just know my experience when I was on the set. The dogs I worked with, and even like, the donkey, who’s also in the movie, all the other animals were treated with the greatest respect and care and compassion.”

But what about that video? Obviously he wasn’t there for that day! He still defends the film, saying:

“I really believe that, for one thing, this video does not tell the entire story, and that the dogs were treated with the greatest respect.”

Of course he’s going to stand by the movie he worked on, especially if he didn’t witness any abuse personally. But Ellen, interestingly, tried another tactic: going after the person who shot the video! She said:

“This video was shot in 2015, when the movie was shot. I think it’s really interesting. If you care about a dog, and if you see a dog that is being forced to do something or treated badly, the next day that video should have been released. Somebody should have said something the next day. Don’t wait until the movie comes out and say, ‘Boycott the whole movie.'”

We agree this video should have been released right away. But does the fact it wasn’t discount it now? Is there a subtle implication that the video was leaked to hurt the movie and NOT out of care for animals??

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Well, we don’t have to read between the lines to hear her straight up saying she DOESN’T want people to boycott the movie:

“I would hate to see this movie not be seen because if you love animals, you will love this movie, and it’ll make you care even more deeply, and you’ll respect them more. And animals deserve that respect because they can’t talk for themselves. They don’t have a voice. And I think they should be protected.”

Whoa. Did Ellen just turn a defense of animals and a defense of this movie into the SAME ARGUMENT?? That’s some “I come to bury Caesar” shit right there!

Ch-ch-check out the questionable interview (below)!

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Jan 23, 2017 11:27am PDT

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