Mariah Carey Does Drugs & Gives Bryan Tanaka A Lap Dance All For The Mariah’s World Cameras — Despite Being Engaged!

mariah's world recap

We kind of get why Mariah Carey and James Packer didn’t last.

During Sunday’s episode of Mariah’s World, Bryan Tanaka was once again caught up in some love triangle drama featuring MiMi and (her now former fianc├â┬⌐) James. Dramaaaaa!

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We mean, following the Australian businessman’s abrupt bounce from Miz Carey’s tour, the mother-of-two gave her backup dancer quite the sultry lap dance. Oh, and then Mariah did drugs! But we’ll get into the specifics of all that (below)!

If you want the dirt on Mariah’s romance drama, be sure to ch-ch-check out the HIGHlights from her E! hit!

James Peaces From Mariah’s Tour

mariah's world recap

There’s never a dull moment in Mariah’s World. And this week’s episode proved that to be true as they kicked off Sunday night’s showing by having Carey’s man abruptly leave in the middle of her tour. Which is odd, since in the episode prior, Packer made sure to say “I love you” to Mariah following her concert in Paris. Things can change quickly, can’t they?

What was sad about all of this is that Mariah seemed actually pretty sad about not being able to spend any “quality time” with the businessman. And it seems the 49-year-old bounced from the tour because the famed diva asked if “everything was good.” Well, no it wasn’t, but hindsight is 20/20.

Following this chat with manager Stella Bulochnikov, Mariah dished in a confessional that she struggles with juggling both her tour and her love life. Fair, fair!

Bryan Is Super Bummed About The Pop Star’s Engagement

Tanaka may be “the other man,” but he hasn’t had an easy road throughout the duration of the reality show. In addition to having a possibly “detrimental injury,” Byran has been more than depressed about MiMi’s engagement. Stella put it best when she said:

“I think that Tanaka is sad because it’s finally sunk in that Mariah is engaged. He can’t dance ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ he can’t have the girl.”

Whomp, whomp. But don’t feel too badly for the choreographer as *spoiler alert* he gets the girl in the end. What is this, an ’80s rom-com? Obviously, these blows were too much for Bryan, as he admitted in a confessional that seeing Mariah and James together drove him a “little crazy” — and had even resolved to leave the A-lister’s tour altogether. Whoa.

MiMi Gives Tanaka A Lap Dance

mariah's world recap

Of course, Mariah refused to let her favorite piece of eye candy peace from her tour as she organized QUITE the surprise for the 33-year-old. Yup, during her Amsterdam concert, Mariah gave Bryan a pretty sultry lap dance during the song Touch My Body. How fitting.

As to why Carey felt the need to shimmy for Bryan, the industry vet explained:

“We came up with the idea to surprise Tanaka and bring Tanaka up on stage because he loves being on stage, and I kinda wanted to make that moment for him…I don’t want Tanaka to leave.”

Maybe if Mariah tried this hard to get James to stay he wouldn’t have left the tour? But, who are we to judge?

Thankfully, the hitmaker’s little dance worked as an “extremely happy” Bryan decided to stay by his boss’ side. In fact, the twosome got extra cozy later in the episode when a boozy Mariah almost kissed Bryan during an afterparty following her Cape Town show. The chemistry is undeniable, folks!

Mariah Gets Stoned

Mariah’s stop in Amsterdam was certainly a memorable one as, outside of her sexy dance, she also consumed a THC edible at the Bulldog Cafe. Naughty girl!

In a perfect Mariah-moment, the superstar broke the fourth wall as she said to the cameras:

“Should I have one? OK, did I say you could film this?”

Snap! Snap! Nonetheless, Mariah ate her space brownie and sat VERY close to Bryan for the duration of the party — SHOCKER.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments (below) and don’t forget to catch Mariah’s World when it airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on E!

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Jan 23, 2017 9:31am PDT

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