Twitter Exposes White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Weird Feud With Dippin’ Dots — Yes, The Ice Cream…

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Everyone in Donald Trump‘s administration has their hot button issues.

For the president, it’s Saturday Night Live and Kristen Stewart; for KellyAnne Conway, it’s indisputable facts.

Even Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer has something he’s been passionately fighting against: Dippin’ Dots, for some reason…

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After he blatantly lied about Trump’s inauguration turnout, social media sleuths dug far back into the Spicer’s Twitter account, presumably to try to find more “alternative facts” — but instead found he REALLY has it out for the so-called “ice cream of the future!”

His disdain for the frozen dessert dated all the way back to 2010, when he wrote on Twitter:

Spicer followed up with his hate for the makers of the miniature ice-cream spheres (that are flash-frozen by liquid nitrogen, FYI) with sporadic updates.

In 2011, Spicer thought he won the war by sharing a Wall Street Journal article about Dippin’ Dots filing for bankruptcy:

But the feud didn’t exactly melt away — the ice cream brand was sold to a new owner in 2012 — thus, giving reason for Spicer to lose his cool.

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The next tweet didn’t come until the 2015 during a Washington Nationals baseball game, when Spicer wrote:

Okay, Sean. We get it. Eating Dippin’ Dots doesn’t fit with your lifestyle — but just because your brain can’t handle a spoonful without freezing over doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy the frozen balls of deliciousness!

Guys, this is not a metaphor. He really can’t handle Dippin’ Dots.

Thankfully, the ice cream makers themselves caught wind of Spicer’s bizarre tirade today and gave an expertly icy response, tweeting:

Hopefully, someone at the White House prescribes the Press Secretary with a giant chill pill.

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Jan 23, 2017 7:29pm PDT

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