Donald Trump’s Next Orders Screw The Environment & Native Americans… All For His Business Interests!

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Donald Trump is not slowing down.

In his second day at work, the new POTUS signed more executive orders, all in support of business at the expense of everything else.

First up, orders to push through the Keystone XL pipeline (directly against Barack Obama‘s order) and the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, which had supposedly been rerouted after massive protests.

Photo: Paris Jackson Gets A Tat Honoring The Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters!

Drumpf refused to answer press questions about the Standing Rock Sioux, whose drinking water will be contaminated by the DAPL, but they had a response for him! A legal one!

According to their lawyer, the tribe plans to take legal action after Trump’s order was made “hastily and irresponsibly.”

BTW, stock in both companies rose immediately after the orders were signed — stock that Trump owned quite a lot of but supposedly sold — though he has refused to disclose financial records to prove it.

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Next order of business? Screwing the environment — specifically the Environmental Protection Agency.

Not only does Trump’s executive order put a freeze all financial support to the EPA, he also ordered a total media blackout. EPA employees are not allowed to post on the Agency’s social media, answer journalists’ questions, or send out press releases.

So much for his love of the first amendment.

Well, Trump did say he would “drain the swamp” — he just didn’t mention he also planned to drain the resources from every other part of the environment.

[Image via CNBC.]

Jan 24, 2017 2:47pm PDT

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