Ryan Reynolds Responds To Deadpool‘s TOTAL Oscar Shutout!

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We really thought he had a shot.

Ryan Reynolds blew Hollywood away with his self-referential superhero flick Deadpool, not only wildly exceeding box office expectations but garnering critical praise in the process.

And after a slew of Golden Globes nominations and even Writers and Producers Guild honors, we thought the Merc with the Mouth might actually become the first superhero movie ever to score a nod from the Oscars for Best Picture or Best Adapted Screenplay.

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But this dark horse is getting sent to the dark glue factory, as today’s nominations came out with no Deadpool in sight — not even for technical awards.

But RyRey is keeping his chin up, and also his nimble fingers ready. He tweeted after the announcement:

How classy!

See, Donald Trump? That’s what’s called grace. It’s what people with dignity do when they lose out on something.

Did we just tell the President to take tips from the star of National Lampoon’s Van Wilder? Yes. Yes, we did.

PS: See how the nominated stars reacted HERE!

Jan 24, 2017 1:02pm PDT

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