VOTE: Twitter Launches Campaign To Save Suspended SNL Writer Who Made Barron Trump Joke — What Do YOU Think??

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Saturday Night Live has been appropriately mocking Donald Trump ever since he launched his campaign.

But a writer for the sketch comedy series is now getting in YUGE trouble over a pretty tasteless joke she made about Barron Trump.

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Last Friday, comedy writer Katie Rich posted — and later deleted — a tweet joking about the future of the President’s 10-year-old son:

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Yeah… not great.

Critics blasted the writer for making a tasteless joke about an innocent child. And apparently, SNL didn’t take too kindly to the off-color jab either — over the weekend, it was announced that Rich was suspended indefinitely from the NBC series.

Rich issued an apology on Monday for her “insensitive tweet,” posting on Twitter:

While we’re sure her apology appeased many, some of Katie’s supporters made it clear they didn’t think she had anything to apologize for! On Monday afternoon, the hashtag #KeepKatieRich started trending in the wake of her indefinite suspension.

Katie’s defenders believe her punishment was much too harsh, especially given the new POTUS’s own history of disparaging comments on Twitter.

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Fellow comedy writers pointed out that suspending Rich for an over-the-line joke is ridiculous when it’s a part of her job to push boundaries with edgy comedy, sharing:

Others were quick to offer Katie other jobs, like Community creator Dan Harmon:

Of course, Rich had her fair share of critics as well, with many firmly agreeing with Chelsea Clinton that Barron should be completely OFF LIMITS — and some even hoping she gets fired from SNL for good:

Sounds like passionate arguments from both sides.

Rich’s joke was definitely poorly thought out, but we think it’s worth noting the dig was meant to be aimed toward Donald and Melania Trump as parents, ripping on the stiff and toxic Rapunzel-esque life Barron probably has growing up at Trump Towers.

Sadly, it seems Katie didn’t think about the collateral damage being done to an innocent 10-year-old in the process when expressing that sentiment…

The question is, should that lapse in judgment cost the writer her job?

How about it, Perezcious readers??

Do YOU think Katie should be fired from SNL, or was her punishment already too harsh for her crime? Cast your votes (below)!

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Jan 24, 2017 1:28pm PST

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