This 7-Year-Old Syrian Girl’s Letter To Trump Will Break Your Heart!

Bana Alabed pleads for help from Donald Trump.

This breaks our heart!

If President Cheeto Puff had one, his might break too! But who are we kidding?!

Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who gained worldwide recognition after tweeting about the atrocities in Aleppo, has written a letter to Donald Trump urging him to help Syrian children.

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Bana, who currently lives in Turkey after escaping her war-torn country, is asking for Trump to help her fellow children, many of whom continue to live in Aleppo and suffer the consequences of the bombings.

Here is the letter in full that was sent to the BBC:

“Dear Donald Trump,

My name is Bana Alabed and I am a seven years old Syrian girl from Aleppo.

I lived in Syria my whole life before I left from besieged East Aleppo on December last year. I am part of the Syrian children who suffered from the Syrian war.

But right now, I am having a peace in my new home of Turkey. In Aleppo, I was in school but soon it was destroyed because of the bombing.

Some of my friends died.

I know you will be the president of America, so can you please save the children and people of Syria? You must do something for the children of Syria because they are like your children and deserve peace like you.

If you promise me you will do something for the children of Syria, I am already your new friend.

I am looking forward to what you will do for the children of Syria.”

Here’s a longer version of the letter posted to her Twitter account:

We don’t know if Drumpf will see her letter, or if he’ll even care, considering his recent plans for an “immigration blitz.”

If you want to help the people of Syria, please donate to Doctors Without Borders or The White Helmets, who rescue people trapped in bombed buildings.

Maybe the Asshole-In-Chief won’t help but we can do our part!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 25, 2017 6:26pm PDT

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