Greenpeace Protesters Climb A CRANE To Defy Donald Trump!

Protesters climb crane in defiance of the Trump presidency.

The resistance in action!

Protesters bravely climbed a construction crane in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to unfurl a “RESIST” banner in defiance of the Donald Trump presidency.

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A group of about seven people risked arrest to scale the crane at a construction site located only a few blocks from the White House. According to police reports, 15th street between L and M streets is currently closed off.

Tweeter Elizabeth Conaty alerted us to the occurrence and sent us pictures of the protesters as they hung a huge banner that read “RESIST” in all caps:

This is awesome and brave as fuck!

Only 4.1% of people in D.C. voted for Trump, compared to 92.8% who voted for Hillary Clinton. That’s a measly 11,553 compared to 260,223 for Hillary!

And it shouldn’t come as a shock that protesters in the area are strictly anti-Trump.

We have a feeling this act of protest is only the beginning!

Fight on!

[Image via Elizabeth Conaty/Twitter]

Jan 25, 2017 11:07am PDT

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