Donald Trump Is Totally Profiting Off His Presidential Status Unless You Think His Latest Business Change Is Just A Coincidence!

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LOLOLOLOLOLOL — but are we honestly surprised??

It was revealed on Wednesday that Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago Club DOUBLED their new membership initiation fee to $200,000 (plus tax), in addition to $14,000 in yearly dues (plus tax), and $2K in food and beverage costs starting January 1 — you know, because their owner is POTUS and all.

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The Palm Beach, Florida property’s initiation fee was reportedly $200,000 until 2012, when it was cut down to $100,000 following the Bernie Madoff scandal…

To help victims entangled in the financial drama relax on the lush 20-acre grounds! DUHH!

Barack Obama‘s former top ethics lawyer Norm Eisen told MSNBC that the increase is a:

“Not very subtle exploitation of the fact that the club’s figurehead is now president of the U.S. This type of naked profiteering off of a government office is what I would expect from King Louis XVI or his modern kleptocratic equivalents, not an American president.”

He said what everyone’s thinking — weird!!

Bernd Lembcke, the managing director of Mar-a-Lago and employee for 21 years, shared the fee change had been planned before the election. SUREEEEE.

He also acknowledged an increase in the club’s popularity since Mr. Trump’s win — AKA a flood of new applicants seeking access to Don.


P.S. If you think this is unbelievable, it’s not even a full week into his presidency. What else is going to be unloaded before the weekend?!

Jan 26, 2017 11:49am PDT

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