Ha! Trump’s Press Secretary Seems To Have Tweeted Out His Twitter Password…

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Now that he’s Donald Trump‘s verbal garbage disposal, Sean Spicer‘s Twitter account has been getting a lot of attention.

Sure, we laughed when social media sleuths uncovered his bizarre feud with Dippin’ Dots, but now it appears the White House Press Secretary may have accidentally compromised his own security.

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And by that, we mean he seemingly tweeted out his own Twitter password.

On Thursday morning, Spicer spewed out some cryptic nonsense into the Twittersphere before shortly deleting it, writing:

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Hmmm… this string of code is just long enough to be a Twitter password. But the lack of a capital letter hints it could be something else altogether.

It could just be a pocket tweet sent as Spicer feverishly dug through his pockets for a pack of Orbit Cinnamon gum to swallow. Or, it could be a secret message for conspiracy theorists to crack a la The Da Vinci Code.

But the most logical explanation is that Spicer is a robot built by Vladimir Putin and is simply malfunctioning under the pressure of Trump’s administration, causing his excess coding to spew out in the form of tweets.

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Any of those scenarios would explain why this isn’t the first time Spicer tweeted out — then promptly deleted — nonsense that just happened to be eight characters.

One Twitter user even theorized the real meaning behind Spicer’s tweets were a secret message to Melania Trump:

That explains everything!

Of course, it could very well be just the password thing. And if that’s the case, Spicer certainly seems to be fitting right in with an administration that gives less shits about operational security than Hillary Clinton!

[Image via White House/Twitter.]

Jan 26, 2017 4:11pm PDT

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