Kellyanne Conway Has A Message For The ‘Black-Stretch-Pants Women Of America’

kellyanne defends inauguration day coat

Kellyanne Conway is just the worst.

Not only is she the face of Donald Trump‘s campaign, but she’s also unbearably condescending. During a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the White House adviser responded to all of the hate she received for the red, white, and blue Gucci coat she wore on Inauguration day.

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In case you forgot, Miz Conway looked like a chorus member from Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s production of Hamilton… and not in a good way. At the time, Kellyanne claimed the jacket was simply “Trump revolutionary wear.” Someone gag us with a spoon, please!

Of course, the former campaign manager had some shade for her haters as she snarked:

“…sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.”

So rude. Obviously, the Trumpster’s spokesperson is a bit bitter about all of the hate she’s received from liberals on “the public cesspool that is Twitter.” Careful, Kellyanne! You’re talking about your President’s favorite social media platform.

Anywho, the controversial political figure is more than proud to be “the face of Donald Trump’s movement” and can’t help but brag about her own rising fame. Despite many people asking new programs to boycott having Conway on their shows, the President’s go-to counselor isn’t worried at all!

She added:

“I can put my shoes and panty hose back on and go on any show at any time.”

Oh, and you can talk out of your ass too!

What do YOU think? Do you respect Kellyanne’s attempt at a clap back?

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[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 26, 2017 3:08pm PDT

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