WikiLeaks Slams Donald Trump For Going After Chelsea Manning!

Donald Trump

WikiLeaks just CALLED OUT Donald Trump after he went after Chelsea Manning — for saying something he’s totally said himself!

Let’s rewind.

You may recall Manning’s sentence was controversially commuted this month by President Barack Obama just before he left office.

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In a new Guardian column written by the convicted solder, who disclosed restricted government documents to WikiLeaks, Manning says Obama (you know, the person who reduced her sentence) didn’t leave behind many “permanent accomplishments,” calling him “too weak, or too soft or too sympathetic.”

This article was talked about a lot on Fox News today (shocker), which means Drumpf quickly caught wind.

The 70-year-old took to Twitter (another shocker, hold on to your seats) to say:

While we appreciate Donald stepping in to kinda defend Obama, he’s guilty of saying these SAME things about his predecessor.

And we weren’t the only ones to notice…

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It didn’t take long before WikiLeaks put in their two cents:

The organization also took the opportunity to defend Manning, who they argue didn’t commit the crimes Trump accuses her of:

BTW, Manning ultimately was saying Obama was wrong to try to meet the stubborn GOP congress halfway, and in that she had a point…

Thoughts??? Let us know in the comments!

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Jan 26, 2017 6:45pm PDT

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