Paula Patton Reveals What REALLY Went Down The Night Of Robin Thicke’s VMAs Performance With Miley Cyrus — And WOW It’s Bad!

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The lines are getting blurrier and blurrier in Paula Patton‘s court battle against Robin Thicke.

Over the past few weeks, the exes have been fighting over custody of their son Julian, and some dirrrty laundry is being aired in the process!

Not only is the Baggage Claim actress alleging the Lost Without You singer was abusive towards their 6-year-old boy, but she’s calling out his severe addictions to drugs and sex!

According to court documents, Patton says Thicke has battled addiction since the beginning of their marriage, and even invited his drug dealer Guido to their son’s fifth birthday party in April 2015.

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Aside from his casual cocaine abuse, which Robin admitted was “affecting his behavior,” Paula also took issue with the singer’s notorious infidelity.

The 41-year-old said that the performer had slept with a stranger during their Valentine’s getaway in 2013, with Paula and Julian in the other room. Thicke apparently invited friends over to the hotel for a party and “made love” with Paula in one of the bedrooms.

After she fell asleep, Thicke allegedly tried to have sex with one of the other partygoers but apparently couldn’t perform because he was so coked out.

Oh, those blurred lines…

Robin later told his then-wife that he had “unprotected sex with seven other women” while on tour — but the real kicker is when Paula caught him in the act the night of the MTV VMAs!

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Just hours after Miley Cyrus grinded up on her husband with her giant foam finger, Paula went to her hotel room “only to find Robin in bed with two naked women.” She added:

“I left the hotel, wandered the streets of New York and called my brother crying.”

After experiencing only more infidelity, including Robin throwing “a manicure and pedicure party for six naked women in our family home,” Paula had enough and they agreed to split for good.

Though the two were able to easily co-parent at first, the actress eventually saw a change in the behavior in both her son and ex-husband that caused her to file for sole custody.

Sure, the singer’s penchant for the ladies was no big secret, but it sounds like Paula was living through years of that Blurred Lines music video IRL!

We hope all this drama clears up soon.

[Image via MTV/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Jan 27, 2017 6:16pm PDT

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