Teen Girl Forced To Pee In A Bucket At School Gets Awarded $1.25 MILLION!

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This entire story is NUTS.

A San Diego high school student, who was forced to urinate in a bucket during class, has been awarded $1.25 million by a jury after suing her teacher and the San Diego Unified School District.

Damn, right? That’s a lot of cash!

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The student was also awarded $41K for past and current medical expenses.

It all began back in 2012 when the young girl, then 14 years old, asked art teacher Gonja Wolf to use the bathroom — but Wolf believed that students were not allowed bathroom breaks during the short 25-minute class periods. Thus, she had bought a bucket to keep in the supply closet in case of bathroom emergencies.

But what if you had diarrhea??? Or what if your period had started?! Did Wolf expect students to just fend for themselves in the closet with a bucket???

ANYWAY, Wolf told the student to pee in the bucket, and when word spread of what had happened, the student became the subject of cruel taunts and bullying by other students.

The poor girl had to change schools TWICE and even attempted suicide because of the traumatizing event and subsequent harassment by her peers and the overzealous media attention.

The school had previously denied her claim seeking $25K, and now they have to pay a whole lot more than that!

Following the verdict, the school district said in a statement:

“We, of course, are disappointed and will be considering in the next few weeks whether or not to appeal.”

Meanwhile, the student, now 19, has stated she continues to suffer from depression and PTSD even years later.

We sincerely wish her the best. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment!

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Jan 27, 2017 2:22am PDT

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