Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Causing Absolute Chaos — It Apparently Affects Dual Citizens, Too

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This is wild.

And by wild, we mean this is a shameful, dark, depressing day in American history.

As Donald Trump‘s immigration ban begins to be fully felt around the United States and the world, we are learning more about it — and everything that is coming up is truly horrifying.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s not enough for Trump to ban citizens from seven countries in the Middle East in and of itself; he’s also ordered his government to ban dual citizens who are from any of those countries.

So, if a person had dual Iraqi and British (or Canadian, or anything else!) citizenship, and had lived in Britain all their lives, they too would be banned from entering America under Trump’s executive orders.

That is incredibly over-reaching, shameful, and despicable. The ban is truly causing chaos all over the world, and experts all along are saying it’s likely illegal, but that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump.nTruly a sad day for America.

At least some world leaders, like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, understand things a little better (below):


Can we ALL move to Canada?? Please?!

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The full info on the ENTIRE executive order should be released later today.

[Image via ABC.]

Jan 28, 2017 6:06pm PDT

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