Alleged Quebec Mosque Shooter Charged With Six Counts Of Murder

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Our hearts are with the victims of this horrible crime!

On Sunday, Alexandre Bissonnette allegedly shot six and wounded eight individuals at a mosque in Quebec City. The next day, he was charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder at the Quebec City Courthouse.

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The attack marked the first time in Canada’s history where someone was murdered inside a Muslim place of worship. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the event a “terrorist attack on Muslims.”

Bissonnette was reportedly an extremely active commenter on far-right websites, especially pages that talked about Islam and immigration. He also made disparaging remarks about feminists, foreigners, and aligned with far-right groups including the National Front.

Although another man — Mohamed Belkhadir — was arrested at the scene of the crime, he was later released and deemed a witness, not a suspect.

According to Chief Inspector André Goulet:

“For the moment, nothing indicates to us that there was anybody else involved.”

We just hope justice is brought down on the person responsible for this heinous act of violence!

[Image via The New York Times.]

Jan 30, 2017 8:36pm PDT

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