Lindsay Lohan Hangs Up On Radio Interview & No One Can Tell If She Was Joking Or Not

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Say what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but she still knows how to give a convincing performance!

Back in 2015, the actress hung up on Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O during a live phone interview on KIIS FM.

And on Monday, history seemed to repeat itself when the 30-year-old once again cut her interview with the Aussie Shock Jocks short!

The Mean Girls star sounded progressively more annoyed as she answered a line of mildly invasive questions from the Sydney-based disc jockeys.

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When Jackie asked whether she owned property in London, New York, and the United Arab Emirates, the red head gave a snappy response, saying:

“What kind of question is that? I don’t own houses in [these locations].”

The interview went even further south when the radio hosts asked LiLo about her rumored conversion to Islam and her opinions on Donald Trump making insinuations about her sex life back in 2004.

But even in regards to the predatory POTUS, Lindsay kept things positive, saying:

“I wish him the best. We live in a world of societies that consistently find faults in people … taking someone else down is never the answer.”

But the last straw seemed to be when the radio hosts brought up her 2015 interview — which she abruptly ended after they asked if her agent sets her up on dates like Tom Cruise‘s agent allegedly does.

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When the jockeys brought up the last chat, they heard the familiar sound of a dial tone as Jackie O asked:

“She’s not offended by that, is she?”

… Awkward…

But a few seconds later, Lohan was back on the line, claiming the hang up was just a joke! She said:

“You guys set it up! We’re great together. We should have our own show in Dubai.”

Hmm… was this prank really planned all along, or was Lindsay just trying to save herself from hanging up on these Aussie shock jocks for a second time?

We’ll probably never know!

[Image via Papadakis Press/WENN.]

Jan 30, 2017 5:44pm PDT

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