Mariah Carey Literally Re-Writes Her Breakup With James Packer In The Finale Of Mariah’s World!

mariah carey tv show finale

Re-writing the past!

As many of you know, back in October, it was reported that billionaire James Packer dumped superstar fiancée Mariah Carey and, after the We Belong Together singer demanded $50 million from her former flame, it was safe to say MiMi was pissed about the split.

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However, it seems Miz Carey has used her eight-part E! docuseries to her advantage as she’s pretty much re-worked the narrative about her break up with the businessman. Classic, Mariah!

So strap yourself in for the final recap for Mariah’s World and discover the best moments from the finale (below).

Mariah Promotes Bryan

mariah's world recap finale

In case you forgot, most of this season has focused on the budding romance between Mariah and her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. This was a bit scandalous as, in most of the footage, Mariah was still engaged to Packer. However, when her favorite piece of eye candy was injured and potentially leaving her tour, Mariah made an executive decision to make the 33-year-old her co-creative director alongside existing CD, Anthony Burrell.

While MiMi felt “very blessed” and Tanaka was elated, Mr. Burrell was rightfully pissed since Carey didn’t even run it by him first. Awkward.

We guess flirting can really get you anywhere in life! FUN FACT: Following Mariah’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, the Heartbreaker artist and Burrell parted ways.

Nick Cannon Makes A Cameo

mariah's world recap finale

After wrapping up her tour, the A-lister reunited with her ex husband in order to celebrate their twins, Monroe and Morrocan‘s fifth birthday. The modern family met up at a recreational trampoline gym (which Mariah hated) for the twins’ special day. The powerhouse opened up a bit about her co-parenting relationship with Cannon, as she shared:

“We have a very cool and special relationship. We just have each other’s backs regardless, and that’s amazing. And I love it.”

Awww! We wonder what Nick REALLY thinks about Bryan??

Stella And Mariah Have ANOTHER Sit Down

It seems Mariah and James were never meant to be, especially after the mother-of-two’s manager Stella Bulochnikov got frank about how she felt about Packer and “his people.” During one of their sit downs, Miz Bulochnikov revealed she had been going head to head with James’ people over possible dates for the twosome’s wedding. Stella even quipped:

“These fucking idiots don’t realize you have a life.”

Of course, Mariah (being Mariah) responded by starring at her manager for an uncomfortably long period of time. She also asked:

“So what am I supposed to do?”

Ummmm, get a manager who doesn’t complain? Stella even pondered in a confessional if the “universe” was trying to “tell them something.”

Tanaka Asks The Hard Question

mariah's world recap finale

There’s no way this scene wasn’t scripted. After the twosome practiced some dance moves, they had an intimate moment in a gazebo where they discussed whether or not Mariah was ACTUALLY going to marry James (The answer is NO, folks). Also, that is one incredibly well-lit gazebo.

Anywho, in response to Tanaka’s big question about her upcoming wedding, Mariah mused:

“I don’t even know what I think anymore…Sometimes maybe people aren’t supposed to be happy.”

And, as if he were in a Hilary Duff movie from the ’00s, Bryan replied:

“I think everybody should be happy.”

*eye roll* The choreographer then kissed his boss’ hand and told her how she makes him “smile.” Oh, for the love of God.

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Mariah Officially Ends Things With James

mariah's world recap finale

Towards the end of the episode, Mariah hopped into the recording studio to sing lyrics seemingly about her split. Oh, and Miz Carey also teased the song, I Don’t, on Instagram too as she posted:

‪#IDONT‬A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Jan 29, 2017 at 7:16pm PST

And for the sake of the cameras, the industry vet even left her engagement ring on the music stand. So dramatic!

All of this obviously came after the 10,000th sit down the songstress had with Stella, where she candidly explained:

“I know that you’ve been trying to help me figure it out, and I think we both need to just cut the shit and recognize the fact that the two of us know why I can’t go through with this. I can’t do it. How can I do this?”

Bulochnikov agreed with her and also reminded Mariah about how Packer “unapologetically” put her through “hell.” Although, the New York native refused to go into detail about it with Stella.

Nonetheless, Mariah jumped on the first plane to Hawaii with Bryan where they had their now famous, beachside makeout sesh. While her boy toy gushed about being the happiest he’s ever been, Mariah shared how she felt like a “weight ha[d] been lifted.”

As the episode concluded, the professional dancer proclaimed his love for MiMi. Not to mention, Mariah seemed happy with her choice as she relayed:

“Tanaka, he’s a real person that I can relate to and be myself when I’m with him. He makes me happy.”

Well, we guess that’s that! It’ll certainly be inneresting to see if these two make until the end of 2017.

Good luck…

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Jan 30, 2017 11:33am PST

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