Wow, Even Piers Morgan Is Speaking Out Against Trump’s ‘Overly-Draconian’ Immigration Ban!

Piers Morgan

Are you sitting down for this?

Even Piers Morgan is speaking out AGAINST Donald Trump‘s “overly-draconian executive order” to ban refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority nations from the United States.

In a passionate DailyMail essay, the controversial TV personality voiced his concern over the newly-elected POTUS’ “grotesquely unfair” action to discriminate against “many decent, law-abiding people who have every right to be in the country.”

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The 51-year-old argued that it’s important to strengthen immigration laws, but Drumpf’s action doesn’t even make sense:

“Nobody from any of those predominantly Muslim countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — has committed a terror attack on US mainland. The perpetrators of the two major Islamic extremist terror attacks in New York on 9/11 and more recently in San Bernadino, came from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon and Pakistan. Yet, perversely, none of these countries are on the banned list.”

Morgan made the point that innocent people are being punished as a result:

“There is no good reason why people with perfectly valid permanent resident green cards have been rounded up at airports, handcuffed, and threatened with deportation. Slashing the number of genuine refugees America will accept going forward, and taking none from Syria ├óΓé¼╦£indefinitely’, is utterly reprehensible, too.”


“We have a moral duty to help those innocent people whose lives have been ruined by our unjustified warfare. To now subject them to even more oppression, heartache and despair seems cruel.”

We can get behind that!

Morgan also suggested that Trump needs to focus on a larger threat to American lives — gun violence:

“There is also a massive delusion to the myth that Muslim terrorists are the biggest violent threat to American lives. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration nine days ago, more than 750 people have been killed by guns in America, through murder, accident and suicide … The situation is so appalling that in 2016, more Americans were killed by TODDLERS with guns than by terrorists.”

But ultimately, Piers thinks this executive order will do more harm than good:

“But this overly-draconian executive order will simply serve to empower ISIS, act as the best recruitment agent they could possibly wish for, and fuel their conspiracy theory that America’s waging war on Islam, not just Islamic terrorists. It’s also grotesquely unfair because it punishes many decent, law-abiding people who have every right to be in the country.”

He concluded:

“This executive order is not making America great. It’s making America hate. Think again, Mr President.”


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And jussst when we thought we were in total agreement with the journalist, he went on Good Morning Britain on Monday to call out all the actors who voiced their opinion about the immigration ban at the SAG Awards… even though Piers just did that very same thing.

He asked his cohost, Susanna Reid, on air:

“Why are they trying to be the next Martin Luther King? They should stick to acting. It’s an awards ceremony, it’s not a chance for you to be the new Martin Luther King. At what point do these ceremonies change from a being celebration of movies? It’s all building up for the Oscars to be not be an event about movies but for the stars to compete about who can scream the loudest about Trump.”


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, now is not the time for ANYONE to be silent on important issues!

To read Morgan’s full essay, click HERE.

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Jan 30, 2017 11:44am PDT

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