Jared Kushner May Be Regretting Working For Father-In-Law Donald Trump…

jared kushner may regret white house job

Jared Kushner may be regretting his new position in the White House!

As you may recall, Donald Trump‘s son-in-law caused a bit of controversy when it was revealed that he’d be working for the Oval Office as a senior adviser. Still no one was shocked about Jared’s new position as he’d been the Trumpster’s rock, alongside his wife Ivanka Trump, throughout the controversial campaign.

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Despite being a political novice, the 36-year-old juggled many roles on the campaign trail as he reportedly spearheaded the Celebrity Apprentice star’s digital operations AND aided in many of Donald’s personnel decisions. It seems it was Jared who pulled off the technology summit at Trump Tower last month. Oh, and the political up-and-comer also supposedly brokered the epic sit down between Drumpf and Rupert Murdoch.

Sooooooo, Kushner should be running the West Wing by now — right? Well, not quite.

According to Vanity Fair, Jared has become exasperated with his wife’s father as he’s lost control of the president and believes his efforts are being undermined.

For example, the young businessman had previously claimed his father-in-law’s extreme beliefs about building a wall and having Muslim bans would become more “rational” once in office. Welp, as we can see from the Donald’s executive order, that was a boldfaced lie!

A source hinted to the magazine that Ivanka’s man’s influence on the Prez is becoming more non-existent. Case in point, after spending 24 hours negotiating the meet up between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pe├â┬▒a Nieto, the controversial politician canceled the sit down. This was Kushner’s first major win in the West Wing and Trump shat all over it in less than 12 hours. Sigh.

The insider noted:

“Kushner was fucking furious. I’d never once heard him say he was angry throughout the entire campaign. But he was furious.”

DAYUMMMMM! And it appears as though the new position as taken a physical toll on Jared too.

The confidant says Jared has become very pale and has lost weight in the two weeks since they’ve entered the White House. Apparently, it’s a known fact that Kushner forgets to eat when working LONG hours. Not to mention, it’s said the senior adviser’s body language and demeanor around his father-in-law is now notably different.

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As for Ivanka, she’s recently faced backlash (below) for completely ignoring her father’s unconstitutional executive ordering banning immigrants from seven countries in the Middle East. To make matters worse, Mrs. Kushner posted a pic of herself and Jared amid all of the drama.

The tipster teased that Ivanka’s brand (along with her husband’s) might be permanently affected due to their association with President Trump. They continued:

“It’s a very difficult line to straddle here, but the question is whether the Trump strategy might end up strangling her…It puts her in a really difficult situation.”

Many have also caught wind of Trump’s timing for these major political decisions! In case you forgot, the Kushners observe the Sabbath — so they were no where to be found when the Orange Anus signed the immigration ban. Sneaky, sneaky!

What do YOU think? Has Trump iced out his “closest advisers“?

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Jan 31, 2017 7:32am PDT

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