Chicago Doctor Trapped Overseas Is Suing Donald Trump Over Ban — And He├óΓé¼Γäós Not The Only One!

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Donald Trump better lawyer up fast!

It’s no secret the President has gotten major backlash for his controversial immigrant ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries, and is handling anyone who dares to defy his order in a very Apprentice-y way.

But it looks like Trump and the living fossils he calls his administration have gotten themselves into a legal bind they might not be able to get out of — because POTUS is getting slapped with several well-deserved lawsuits!

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One comes from a Chicago-based doctor who can’t get back home from his wedding because he was born in Syria.

After traveling to the United Arab Emirates to get married, Dr. Amer Al Homssi (pictured above) was planning on finishing his internal medicine residency at Advocate Christ Medical Center, but his visa was cancelled due to Trump’s ban.

The 24-year-old filed a federal lawsuit against the President, the Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, challenging the “absurd” executive order.

Though this is far from the only lawsuit being hurled at President Alternative Facts — as FOUR STATES are also suing the administration over the ridiculous travel ban.

On Tuesday, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia joined Washington state on a growing list of states challenging the ban, which was described by NY state attorney general Eric Schneiderman as “unconstitutional, unlawful, and fundamentally un-American.”

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Washington led the legal firestorm on Monday, with retail titan Amazon — based in the Northwestern state — pledging support shortly afterward.

More states followed suit the next day, as Virginia’s attorney general Mark Herring noted state business employees, college students, professors, and researchers had been negatively impacted by the measure.

Herring said in a statement:

“Today I am bringing legal action on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia against President Donald Trump and his administration for the unconstitutional and unlawful executive order of January 27, 2017. The Commonwealth has substantial interests justifying its intervention, and make no mistake, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and our people, are already being harmed by this Executive Order. This order is unlawful, unconstitutional and un-American, and action is required.”

We’ll see what Trump’s camp cooks up in response to these lawsuits, but we have a feeling a lot of firing will take place in the near future.

[Image via Court Records/WENN.]

Feb 1, 2017 4:23pm PDT

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