Shade Or No Shade? Hailey Baldwin Appears To Side With Bella Hadid Over Selena Gomez!

bella hailey selena beef

Hailey Baldwin either made a direct dig at Selena Gomez or is just totally clueless…

As you surely know, Selly G made headlines back in January when she was caught making out with The Weeknd only a handful of months after he called it quits with her pal Bella Hadid. The supermodel clearly isn’t stoked about the budding romance as she gave a middle finger salute to the paparazzi back when the news first broke about her ex and the former Disney darling!

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While some have called out the 24-year-old for not following the girl code, others have defended that Selena and Bella were never really close in the first place. Oh, and don’t forget, the False Alarm singer and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show vet have been over since November!

Well Hailey has appeared to have weighed in on the issue as she took to Twitter on Tuesday and posted:

Oh snap! It probably doesn’t help that Miz Baldwin and the Hands To Myself artist share one very controversial ex *cough* Justin Bieber *cough*. Likely, the up-and-comer isn’t the BIGGEST fan of Gomez’s.

Nonetheless, Stephen Baldwin‘s daughter could just be complimenting the 20-year-old’s video (above)? Hmmmm….

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Feb 1, 2017 11:22am PST

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