Kellyanne Conway Reveals Her Own Story Of Experiencing Sexual Harassment — So How Is She Still On Team Trump??

Kellyanne Conway

Does Kellyanne Conway know who she’s representing???

In a new feature with Cosmo, Donald Trump‘s senior adviser opened up about experiencing sexual harassment and assault when she was starting out in politics as one of the very few females.

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The 50-year-old mother-of-two revealed to the mag:

“I encountered all kinds of sexism. The most extreme examples were unwanted sexual advances. Always by older men, often in positions of power, with some fancy title before their name and an R or a D after it.”

As for why she never came forward or accused any of the men, Miz Conway admitted:

“People might say, ├óΓé¼╦£She didn’t report sexual assault.’ It wasn’t called that back then. And it would be embarrassing to the twentysomething or thirtysomething-year-old girl to try to make some federal case out of somebody who was in a huge position of power. You’d rather just pretend it didn’t happen, that it was your fault, or that it would never happen again. The idea that you think you’ve got the right to stick your tongue down my throat is pretty darn disgusting.”

Now, weirdly enough, she defends our pussy-grabbing POTUS on a daily basis…

The conservative commentator went on:

“The other way sexism would happen is that I’d get hired to do a project and would always get the focus groups. [A male pollster would be assigned to an office in Virginia to] sit on his ass and watch the data come in while I’d fly all around the country and live out of a suitcase. Eventually I learned to just take the whole project.”

We absolutely do not want to belittle Kellyanne’s past, but we have to ask why she’s still on Team Trump with his long history of degrading and abusing women??

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And must we even remind you:

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When the interviewer asked Kellyanne’s childhood friend, Shelley Weckerly, about her thought on the Access Hollywood tape — and if that gave her any reservations about voting for Drumpf — she responded:

“You go back and forth, but Kellyanne’s message was always clear, and I respect her voice. Listen, who hasn’t had their ass grabbed by somebody? We’re women. It happens.”

So what, we’re supposed to embrace it?


Read the rest of Kellyanne’s feature HERE.

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Feb 1, 2017 7:11pm PDT

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