Scott Disick’s Ex Manager Is Blaspheming The Lord: ‘He Actually Thinks He’s Some Big Superstar Who Has Talent’

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He used to manage Scott Disick‘s career — now he’s trying to manage his expectations!

David Weintraub has been pals with the KUWTK star for a long time (he even claims to have introduced him to Kourtney Kardashian once upon a time), but it sounds like their friendship forked into a feud at some point.

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The founder of DWE Talent appeared on this week’s Allegedly podcast where he talked the Lord with hosts Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss — and got downright blasphemous, saying:

“He actually thinks he’s some big superstar who has talent and does stuff.”


Yeah, it doesn’t get better from there. Weintraub continued:

“When you get a lot of fame for not really doing anything, or you get a lot of money for not really doing anything, you have to remember how you got there. Don’t change as a person. I love Scott to death, but fame and money changed who he is. He’s got to remember who he is and where he comes from. And where he comes from is me and Sean Stewart’s couch.”

That is some reality you won’t see on TV!

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But why is he so upset? The Sons Of Hollywood star says Disick actually owes him a few hundred thousand dollars after blowing so many deals!

“I brought him tons and tons of deals that he fucked up, fucked up my relationships with people because either he didn’t perform, or he wanted too much money, or he was a dick, or he did a deal and then fucked it off, and everybody has egg on their face.”

OK, that… sounds like Scott.

What do YOU think? Does Lord Disick need a reality check??

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Feb 2, 2017 8:28pm PDT

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