YouTube Star Matt Crawford Reveals The Super-Engaged Tom Daley Called Him ‘Sexy’ TWO WEEKS AGO!

matt crawford tom daley dm convo

Look away, Dustin Lance Black!

As you surely know, back in January, Tom Daley confessed to having had cyber sex with a fan when he was on a seven month break with his now fianc├â┬⌐. Apparently, there is footage circulating around of the Olympian stripping down. Nonetheless, Mr. Daley was vehement that an incident like the one mentioned (above) will “never happen again.”

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Huh. Then why is YouTube star Matt Crawford leaking flirty DM convos between himself and the British diver from TWO WEEKS AGO??

Yup, during a recent Q&A, the internet celebrity shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Tom where the athlete said the social media guru was “sexy.” Naughty boy!

And it seems Mr. Crawford has no shame about being a side piece, as he took to Twitter and commented:

Uhhhh, dude, you messaged him first! Nonetheless, Dustin and Tom are completely ignoring this infidelity drama as the acclaimed screenwriter even called his beau one of his “favorite things” the very same day Crawford’s vid dropped (below).

Not to mention, days after the “sexy” comment, the gay icon posted on Twitter (below) about how he and his love wanted to get a puppy together.

So cute! We really doubt some tea split by a relative nobody is going to destroy what Dustin and Tom have. We mean, cheating rumors have circulated around for awhile now and they’re STILL together.

Regardless, be sure to ch-ch-check out the shady confession for yourself (below)…

[Image via Instagram/YouTube.]

Feb 2, 2017 3:58pm PST

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