Donald Trump’s Granddaughter Is Better At Foreign Relations Than He Is

Arabella sings a song in Mandarin.

God help us, but we wouldn’t be surprised if five-year-old Arabella Rose Kushner was a better diplomat than her grandfather.

At least she speaks Chinese!

Ivanka Trump shared a video Thursday of her firstborn singing a song in Mandarin she learned for Lunar New Year.

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Swinging a toy dragon in her hand, Arabella sweetly sings the song she learned specifically for the occasion, blowing a kiss to the camera in the end.

Arabella also recently accompanied her mother to a trip to meet with Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States.

Politician in the making!

Regarding both of these events, however, many users on Chinese social media site Weibo were not impressed, saying they would have preferred Donald Trump actually addressing the Chinese people himself or going to meet the ambassador himself as well.

One user wrote:

“Trump’s daughter visits China’s embassy and wishes China a happy New Year! The daughter understands more than the father.”

While another commented:

“A bridge of friendship is needed between China and the U.S.”

Maybe Arabella will be the one to build that bridge!

Please be better than your grandpa, kid.

Watch the singing clip (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 3, 2017 6:36pm PDT

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