Chelsea Clinton Comes Claws Out For Kellyanne Conway Over Bowling Green Alternative Massacre!

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Everyone is pretty upset with Kellyanne Conway over her latest “alternative fact.”

In case you hadn’t heard, the Counselor to the President referred to something called the “Bowling Green massacre” when defending Donald Trump‘s Muslim ban in a TV interview Thursday.

Though making up a massacre that never happened isn’t the worst thing Trump’s team has done, it may be the most egregious twisting of the truth.

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While Kellyanne claims she simply misspoke — which is understandable given all the made-up bullshit she’s trying to keep track of — people are understandably offended by the invoking of a fictional terrorist attack.

Chelsea Clinton usually stays above the fray, but it seems the Bowling Green slip-up was too much for the former First Daughter, who tweeted to Kellyanne:

She was of course referring to this morning’s Paris attack in which a lone machete-wielding man rushed a group of soldiers outside the famous museum and was shot dead before doing any damage.

It’s an actual attack that you can look up. Not Kellyanne’s brand of fake news.

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But of course professional turd polisher Conway couldn’t help but respond directly to Chelsea, tweeting:

Interesting how their go-to defense is always that they won the election, like that somehow makes the horrible things they’re saying and doing right.

We’re guessing Chelsea is washing her hands of this, but MAN we’d love to see an actual live debate between these two.

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Feb 3, 2017 7:36pm PDT

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