Donald Trump Literally ALWAYS Needs To Have The Last Word Like A Big Baby!

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Donald Trump still won’t shut up about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The President has had a lot to say about his Celebrity Apprentice replacement over the past few weeks, mostly about how the movie star is a failure of a TV host.

Earlier this week, the prickly POTUS attacked the Terminator star at the National Prayer Breakfast about his low Apprentice ratings. But Arnie clapped back, suggesting they switch jobs so the nation wouldn’t be on the verge of destruction.

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And like clockwork, Drumpf responded to Arnie’s shade the very next day — by cutting down his tenure as Governor of California!

On Friday, he shared on Twitter:

The shade!

For those who don’t know, Schwarzenegger did have pretty low approval ratings at the end of his term as governor; but the Republican made some progress in terms of climate change and demonstrated much needed bipartisan support for state environmental laws.

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However, critics have definitely reamed the Governator’s performance before. When he ran after former governor Grey Davis was recalled, Arnold claimed he was so wealthy he didn’t need to take funds from lobbyists. (Hmm├óΓé¼┬ª who else said that?)

The movie star also faced sexual harassment allegations as he entered into office. (Just like you-know-who!) After he was elected, Arnold’s approval ratings sunk along with the state’s economy due to the recession.

Now that we realize how similar the two alpha males are, maybe Trump’s declaration of “at least he tried hard” is more about saving his future self when his presidency goes down in flames?

Hey, at least you tried hard, Donny!

[Image via NBC.]

Feb 3, 2017 11:12am PDT

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