Donald Trump Has A Very Important Message For You

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Seriously, fuck this guy and his stupid early morning Twitter meltdowns.

It’s a day of the week that ends in ‘y’ and so that means only one thing: Donald Trump went off the rails. On Twitter. Again.

We’re two weeks in, folks.

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Today, The Donald decided he wanted to share some SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT message with all of his followers on the social network (way less followers than Barack Obama! Trump is a loser! Sad!).

You ready for his spew of total bull shit?

Here’s the ridiculous tweet (below):

Ha! Just kidding! He’s tweeted that before!

This isn’t clickbait though, because he actually did send a ridiculous tweet this morning — and this one is more serious.

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It’s about a federal judge who halted Trump’s wildly bigoted, absurdly unconstitutional travel ban, and the tweet reads (below):

That’s a big deal, even if it just seems like The Donald is complaining, because this is our commander in chief — the man tasked with, you know, upholding the laws of our country — questioning a “so-called” judge and de-legitimizing law and order in America.

What the fuck, Donald?

No, seriously — what the fuck?

The chief executive of the country isn’t supposed to completely undermine law and order because a decision came down that went against his executive order. Do you even know that???

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Trump also tweeted this stupid shit out, too (below):

Donald: you’re a clown.

(and you have tiny hands)


Feb 4, 2017 12:59pm PDT

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