#BoycottBudweiser: Donald Trump Fans Hate Immigrants SO Much They Are… Going After A Brewery?? Here Are The Wacky Details!

It’s trending on Twitter right now, and we can’t help but laugh: #BoycottBudweiser. Really??

Fans of Donald Trump — a.k.a. perpetually aggrieved snowflakes? — are pissed off that the beer company used their Super Bowl commercial this year to highlight the story of an immigrant.

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Because, you know, The Donald HATES immigrants and all. Now, the Budweiser commercial is both really fascinating and incredibly well done — and you should watch it (above)!

It basically tells the story of the beginning of the company, built by immigrants to America who dealt with some not-so-nice Americans who didn’t exactly welcome them to the country.

And now… some not-so-nice Americans who don’t welcome any immigrants into our country (*cough* crazy conservatives *cough*) are using Twitter to share their intense displeasure with Budweiser.

Great work guys. *eye roll*

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There’s no point in showcasing the tweets of the Trumpkins, but there is great enjoyment to be gained from the tweets of those making fun of the hashtag!!

Check out all the fun (below)!!!

Ha!!! LOVE IT!!!

We need more good commercials like this one for the Super Bowl…

Bring ’em on!!

Feb 5, 2017 4:12pm PDT

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