Donald Trump Is Mad Online… Again

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Same story, different day — same book, different page. Maybe same short, tiny fingers tapping the smart phone, different tweets.

Point is, Donald Trump is at it again.

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Remember how late Friday night, a Federal judge blocked Trump’s Muslim ban executive order? Trump tweeted a bunch about the “so-called” judge yesterday to much controversy.

And now, today, here we are again.

Just look! In the last hour, here’s what Trump’s tiny fingers have been tweeting out to the world (below):


But, huckster that he is, Trump wouldn’t go through with any of this without tweeting a little self-promotion, too!!!

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Go for it, Donald:


Shameless and ignorant — a horrible, horrible combination.

Donald, seriously, just go watch the damn Super Bowl and stop tweeting for a few hours.

Too much to ask?

[Image via NBC.]

Feb 5, 2017 5:47pm PDT

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